The canal water in a village is polluted due to a closely factory pumping waste water into it. Villagers cannot use this water and plots to destroy the factory by fixing bombs.”RANJA” comes to the scene and chase the villagers.

The villagers decide to meet the Minister and agree to send “ RANJA” to solve the matter. Vihangi a village girl comes to town with “RANJA”.

“RANJA” stays with JOHNNY who in a friend TOMMY is best friend. TANIA is a town girl who is attached to JOHHNY.

SWARNA is the Queen of the underworld and KALLI VIJE is her brother. With the leader ship of the MINISTER KALU VIJE unleash terror in the area.

A lawful police officer tires hard to end terrorism in the area and the things hate him. ”RANJA” meets the Minister and he agree to solve the problems. TANIA does not like JOHNY  and tires to love “RANJA” VIHANGI is against this. JOHNNY ALSO IN DISAPPOINTED ABOUT TANIA.


SWARNA WINS the election by thuggery and also conspire with “KALU VIJE” to kill “RANJA” Minister also hates “ RANJA”.

Mean wile ,Tania goes to live in another district. he “RANJA” meets the MINISTER regarding the factory problem the Minister threaten him in the presence of SWARNA & KALUVIJE. They attack “RANJA” and drops him on the road thinking he is  deal. VIHANGI is searching him and Tania friend “RANJA” while traveling and takes him home. Tania inform Vihangi about “RANJA” They decide to return to the village as it in dangerous to stay in town.
MINSTER COMES TO KNOW THAT “RANJA” IN ALIVE AND INFORM Swarna. Their jeep meet a three Wheeler with VIHANGI and her aunt. The Jeep knock them down and VIHANGI is badly injured. ”RANJA” visit her in Hospital and decide to take revenge from the Minister.
Finally When “RANJA” Goes to see the MINISTER he friends SWARNA and  KALUVIJE there.
The subs quest fight finds Swarna and KALU VIJE killed chief Minister is aware of the Corrupt Minister and he solves the village problems and praise “RANJA”.