King Elara was an extremely ambitious young man who used to be a soldier and a spy under King Kharawela of Kalinga, who ruled Southern Kingdoms of India during second century B.C. Lately, this same young man arrives at Lankadveepa in the guise of an overseas naval chief to invade and thereby threaten the prosperity of the Kingdom.

Although Elara wins the Kingdom of Rajarata after having killed King Asela, there were two things that constantly bothering him. Firstly, the kingdom of Ruhuna that continued to be independent and therefore out of the menacing clutches of the invader. Secondly, a certain prophecy inscribed by King Devanampiyatissa.

After many years, the Machiavellian Advisor of Elara, Bhattara finds the inscribed prophecy which alludes to a King called Gamani Abhaya who would secure the Kingdom of Rajarata and build a massive pagoda (dageba) at the center of it. Soon after, Bhattara along with Elara starts scheming sly tactics against the prophecy.

However, as the Son of King Kavantissa and Queen Vihara Mahadevi and thus the rightful heir to the throne, King Gamani Abhaya implements war strategies overpowering the counter tactics of Elara and every other battle plan witnessed by King Gamani Abhaya's contemporary world.

For the sake of the spiritual ideology he held and for the country painted in that ideology, King Gamani vanquishes Elara yet he doesn't let the people forget the humanity that was rooted within the enemy, thus King Gamani universalizes his own profound humanity to a great deal.