Hitler of Naziwatte is an underworld thug. At the time he is arrested he even looks like Hitler. When released he is determined to become a new man.
And yet it is to the same old slum community that he has to return. The Businessman Pinsara is a wealthy man with a reputation for being pious. No one know that he is the invisible hand that manipulates Hitler.

Chaplin is a mute, crippled beggar. On the street he plays ‘Charlie Chaplin’ and with the money he earns educates his daughter. His Charlie Chaplin avatar ends when he decides to switch to the role of ‘Adolf Hitler’.
Subha is Chaplin’s daughter. She is a law student who knows nothing of her father’s vocation.

Kapila is a law student who is in love with Subha. Subha does not know that Kapila is Pinsara’s son.

Sandya is a prostitute who lives in Naziwatte. Only the mute Chaplin knows that Subha is Sandya’s daughter.
Goring is Hitler’s sidekick. A reptile, in fact, but one whose fangs have been removed.
Ambilipitiye Kara is a thug who is new to Naziwatte. He doesn’t care much for the old toughs. He is flirtatious and is a contract killer. Godding, Sirimal, Sundara, Gangiya and Sena are innocent street kids. They underworld’s tomorrow belongs to them. They are all illiterate.

Whisky, Rambo, Mumtaz, Ablik and Upasaka are harmless and helpless beggars who live in Naziwatte. They are all dropped off at
specific points in the city in Ablik’s clapped out vehicle.
All innocents, all toughs, lovers, students, brokers get entangled in the story and it is the invisible man of wealth who pulls the strings
that make these innocents prance around as destructive puppets.

The story ends in the explosive revelation that Subha’s true father is not Chaplin, but the pious businessman.
Hitler is once again jailed.
The moment truth was born the lie was also birthed.
With the birth of light there issued forth darkness.

Wealth saw the light of day along with poverty.
The day royalty was born so were the beggars birthed.

Kings, however, have addresses. And the beggars…..
No Address!!!!