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Predicting The Ant-Man At The Box Office

While Marvel seems hell-bent on dishing out as many movies as they can, one can get a bit confused as to who is who and what’s even going on. In the midst of all this MCU craziness, we are introduced to “Ant-Man,” and a lot of questions along with him.


Instead of trying to understand the origins of the hero or the plot of the movie, we wanted to talk about the possible box office performance of the July 2015 superhero flick.



On the other hand, we have the upcoming sequel to “The Avengers” which is also set to premiere in July. The superhero team made a boom last time, and it’ll surely do the same with “The Avengers: Age of Ultron.”


Simply adding James Spader to the casting crew was a genius move, and it can only result in attracting even more audience to the movie.


Even though Marvel gave itself a lot of competition, they can only benefit from this situation. Same goes for the two competing movies, as people will get torn between them, only to decide to see both rather than just one.


Marvel’s move was a smart one, and we can see how this can help “Ant-Man’s” popularity. With Paul Rudd as the protagonist, this summer flick’s probably going to have a bright future at the box office.





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