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Jackie Chan's CZ12 breaks box-office record

International superstar Jackie Chan’s action blockbuster CZ12 has broken the all-time record for an Asian Movie 

(excluding local titles) in Singapore. The movie has collected S$4.67 million in 22 days after it opened on 44 screens 



The amazing result sees CZ12 take the all-time Number 1 spot among all China, Hong Kong & Taiwan movies in Singapore, 

passing Donnie Yen’s IP MAN 2 (in 2nd place) which grossed a total of S$4.66 million in 2010 and Stephen Chow’s action 

comedy KUNGFU HUSTLE (in 3rd place) which grossed S$4.33 million.


CZ12 is also Jackie Chan’s all time best selling movie in Singapore, besting his previous records held by Hollywood 

production KARATE KID which grossed $4.6 million in 2010 and THE STORY OF CIA: FIRST STRIKE which grossed S$3.8million.


With this result, CZ12 is now also one of the Top 10 highest grossing movies released in 2012, beating HUNGER GAMES 

which grossed S$4.6million. This marks the first time since 2006 that there are 2 Asian movies within the Top 10 highest 

grossing movies for that year.


CZ12 took the number one spot at the box office chart in Singapore over the weekend, beating the Hollywood blockbuster 

THE HOBBIT in its 2nd weekend. The spectacular opening weekend result also breaks Jackie Chan’s own previous record as 

the biggest opening weekend for his Chinese movies in Singapore ever.


CZ12 not only topped the local box office in Singapore over the weekend, but also in Malaysia and China. In China, 

the movie broke RMB$100mil over the opening weekend! The movie also stars Korean well-known actor Kwone Sang Woo, 

up-and-coming China actresses Zhang Lanxin and Yao Xingtong. CZ12 is now showing in cinemas islandwide and is 

co-distributed by Clover Films, Golden Village Pictures and Innoform Media.



According to Groove Asia, it was reported that after seven days of release, the film has broke records in Singapore 

and Malaysia. With a total of SGD 2.4 million sales in Singapore and RM 9 million in Malaysia, "CZ12" became the highest 

weekly cumulative box office earner.



When asked about the recent success of "CZ12" in the two countries, Jackie stated, "I am very happy to be able 

to break box office records. Actually when we promoted the film in Singapore and Malaysia, we already sensed the great 

response from the local audience. They were looking forward to watching this film very much


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