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During the summer blockbuster season it seems like every movie gets the 3D treatment, whether it deserves it or not. Sure, 

you can argue that the visual spectacle of Iron Man 3 or Star Trek Into Darkness earned the right to charge more for 

a 3D ticket. The Great Gatsby, on the other hand, might have been a bit of a stretch. And Fast 6, I’d argue, could have 

used the extra 3D kick. At least that screenings in IMAX, where available. 


The next 3D feature we have this season, though, is Epic, an animated adventure from Ice Age director Chris Wedge that hopes to plunge audience members into a miniaturized forest setting for a story that’s loosely derived from William Joyce’s story of the Leafmen. In the past, 3D and animation have gone hand-in-hand. Is that the case with Epic? Let’s put our glasses on and explore. 

Epic added another 20 territories this weekend, bringing in $23.1 million to see its overseas cume raise to $44 million. 

The animated film has now grossed $78.4 million globally. The U.K. brought in the best performance, opening in #3 with 

$5.1 million. The film grossed $3 million in France, opening in #2 behind Fast & Furious 6. Epic will open in 26 new 

markets next weekend.


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